Hands on Security Capture The Flag Event

Thursday, September 7, 2023
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM (EDT)
Category: Cyber Security

Come and hack with us at a Jeopardy Style Capture the Flag Hands on, Hacking/Defense Event (BYOLaptop)! This competitive CTF event is run on the CloudCTF system by the Virginia Cyber Range and will consist of hands-on, cybersecurity categories such as Web, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Crypto, and more! There will be challenges that require both Linux and Windows laptops (or VMs), and we will be pitting participants against other security professionals from beginner to advanced. Come get your hack on, learn something new about cyber security, and enjoy food and beverages with cyber peers.

*Don’t forget to bring your laptop and power supply!*

The CyberSecurity Forum is dedicated to professionals engaged in IT and cybersecurity-related fields of work, the CyberSecurity Forum is focused on exploring best practices and sharing insights in the always-evolving landscape of organizational IT. College students, please sit tight and join us at the 2024 Cyberfusion CTF in Lexington in February, 2024.  

Thank you to our 2023 CyberSecurity Forum partners, Virginia Cyber Range and 1901 Group for making these events possible.