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Wednesday, June 21, 2023
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM (EDT)
Category: Beer & Biotech

Rametrix Technologies Inc: Molecular Urinalysis as a Disease and Drug Screening Tool

Dr. John Robertson, President and CEO of Rametrix Technologies, will discuss how the company’s Raman spectroscopy-based platform has the potential to improve medical care and outcomes. He will explain how the company designs and engineers around its spectroscopy platform which can be used for drug checking at Points-of-Care in hospitals and clinics.

About the Speaker

By professional training and experience, Dr. Robertson is a veterinarian, medical pathologist, nephrologist, oncologist and biomedical engineer. Dr. Robertson was a senior staff member in Preclinical Drug Safety Evaluation at Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals and Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. In 1989 he joined Virginia Tech (VT) where he pursued a career in undergraduate and graduate/professional education and academic research.  While at VT, he authored/co-authored over 200 publications and book chapters, helped to secure over $22 million in sponsored research funding, and successfully mentored 95 students who completed MS and PhD degrees.  He holds nine issued patents and currently is seeking registration of eight additional patents.

He has been honored to receive numerous awards for teaching, research, and leadership, including the Norden Teaching Excellence Award, Pfizer Research Excellence Award, and American Cancer Society Outstanding Merit Award. John Robertson earned his BS (Biology) from SUNY Stony Brook, MS (Zoology) from SUNY SUC Brockport, MS (Medical Pathology) from the University of Pennsylvania, VMD (Veterinary Medicine – Magna cum Laude), and PhD (Medical Pathology) from the University of Pennsylvania.  In 2021, he was inducted as a Senior Member into the National Academy of Inventors.